SSAS - Making cube data available after review by power user

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SSAS - Making cube data available after review by power user

Post  kajaldas007 on Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:00 pm

This one's a unique requirement:

After a cube is processed, normal users should not be able to view / browse the data. Only the power user should be able to view the latest incremental data. Only after the power user reviews the cube data and "release"s it, the normal users can view the latest data.

After I read about cube partitioning, I thought maybe it's doable. However, truly speaking, I am not sure if at all it is achievable. Maybe, the requirement can be met partially; in that case, we have to clearly set the expectation and the requirement should be modified accordingly.

I need some guidance in this regard - especially in the details of implementation steps - things like, how would the power user "release" the latest incremental cube data (or in other words, how should he trigger the availability of cube data after he is done with his review)?

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