9 Key Data Integration Questions to Ask: A Hidden How-To Guide

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9 Key Data Integration Questions to Ask: A Hidden How-To Guide

Post  mattAda on Thu Aug 08, 2013 12:32 pm

Deep within the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Adminstration Transportation Performance Management Resources Website (the USDoTFHWATPMRW) there is a remarkable and comprehensive primer of Data Integration. This How-to-Integrate-Data Guide discusses a wide range of topics including everything from Requirements Analysis to Data and Process Flow Modeling as well as Data Models and Data Standards.

It also contains a list of 9 Key Questions to ask when analyzing existing data and database systems within an organization might include:

Where do the data come from and who collects it?
How often, and how, are the data collected?
What reference system or systems are used?
What is the structure, format, and size of the data?
How are the data currently transmitted, processed and stored?

Click here for the full article and for more question to ask information to understand when addressing Data Integration and ETL Tools


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