BI Strategy Vs Big Data Strategy Vs Datawarehousing solution

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BI Strategy Vs Big Data Strategy Vs Datawarehousing solution

Post  vaibhav on Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:57 am

Dear All,

Business Case:The CRM data is hosted on Oracle on premise and we need to create a BI dashboard to view it.
Could you plz help with below questions:
1. Do we look at the entire IT infrastructure of the organisation(holistic view) to suggest a BI strategy or Big data strategy to do a CRM dashboard project ?
2. Can we simply to the dashboarding directly on the Oracle(CRM) data rather than suggesting a BI or Big data strategy at all(which might lead to incomplete solution for the organization in the long run ?)?
3. Is there a difference b/w BI strategy and datawarehousing (if not then what’s the appropriate case to apply each)?
4. How do we build the processes to extract the data and which tool/platform do we use for that ?
5. How do we decide if it has to be QlikView or excel or any other dashboarding/reporting tool ?
6. How to decide between a cloud BI solution or Hybrid(cloud + on-premise) solution over traditional solution?

Thanks & Regards


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