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ETL and mini MDM

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ETL and mini MDM Empty ETL and mini MDM

Post  itcouple Mon Apr 30, 2012 9:25 am


I'm trying to load DimCountry which has country as business key and 3 other fields that create a hierarchy. Source data has accurate country filled in (I hope) which sometimes is misspelled and the hierarchy (remaining 3 fields) sometimes is inaccurate so I have built a simple CountryHierarchy table that is my "master" data.

I have question related to actual ETL.

I take country from source, I do fuzzy lookup (take out typos) and I load dimCountry in data warehouse.

2 questions:
1) If my approach is accurate how do I load countries that haven't been found in master table? I don't really want to load new row as it is unlikely someone introduced new country... should I just ignore it and in fact load it as unknown -1? (or not found -2).
2) Should I actually be loading dimCountry from source? I'm new to using MDM but I'm starting to think I should load dimCountry from my master table and only handle fact load?

I know my questions might not very readable but I hope you can point me in the correct direction based on your experience with ETL/MDM



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