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Data Conversions Empty Data Conversions

Post  Balas Thu May 03, 2012 9:47 am

Hi Experts-

I'm looking for a solution for the below situations,

1 When the source file/table not available in the specified folder I need to stop the execution of my script (Sybase IQ) and the script should stop the ETL work flow/Job automatically.

2 When the source file/table contains error data say, the source table contains 20 records among which 5 contains error data. I need to have a script (Sybase IQ) in place which will remind me that only 15 records were processed and 5 were excluded for error table. In this scenario I need to send an email to the customer with the complete details automatically.

3 Once the Errored data was corrected and placed in a source location I need pick that table/file and need to carry the required process to create a stage table. Once the stage table creation was done which should trigger the ETL work flow automatically.

4 Once the Stage table created, I need to archive the source table automatically.

Please share me your Ideas will these can be achieved else I need to rely on my ETL tool?

Thanks In advance.



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