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Modelling for data segregation

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Modelling for data segregation Empty Modelling for data segregation

Post  farooq78 Sun Jul 29, 2012 3:52 pm

Business scenario

Organization - User = Many To Many
An organization has many users and a user can see his own and child organizations under its hierarchy (organization is a parent child hierarchy)

Organization - Sections = One To Many
An organization can have more than one sections

User - Sections = Many To Many
A user can see more than one sections and a section can be seen by more than one users (in different organizations)

Sections - Item Category = Many To Many
A section covers more than one item categories and an item category can be covered by more than one sections (in different organizations)

Item Category - Item = One To Many
An item category can have more than one items

Item - Fact (any) = One to Many
An item (conform dimension) can have more than one occurrence in any give fact

I have to restrict data with respect to user organizations, sections, item categories and items
I have implemented the parent-child organization using kimball helper table for handling complex hierarchies
I tried to put organization, section, item category, item in one dimension but an item category can be moved to any other section and a section can be closed
Didn't merge item and item category as my item list will be around 100k and filtering text based category might impact performance

Looking for some quick replies


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