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security model

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security model Empty security model

Post  Afaf Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:04 pm

There is a security model like 3 database and 3 different connection pointing to 3 different
database ie connection overloading....
its not dev ,prod but for different client but same universe pointing to 3 different client database....

the database tables metadata (column headers)are same in 3 different database but few extra
columns will be added later in the tables of the databases in the near future.which contains different column names ex database1 table1 has ssn added and the database2 table1
got a new column dob and soforth and all three new fields contains different data ......

group 1 group2 group3
user1 user2 user3
database 1 database 2 database3
table 1 table 1 table1
empn empn empn
fname fname fname
new column new column new column
ssn dob Address

now when a user logs in the designer based on the connection credentials will point to a
specific database and once he refreshing the structure the new field will be added
ex in case of user1 the ssn will be added
user2 dob will be added
user3 address will be added
2nd question
in group1 there can be many other users aswell so i can restrict them usign row level security i mean
will row level security works with connection overloading... i think it works from just what i read

3rd question
If a user is a member of group1 and group2 aswell in that case what connection takes precedence over even if one or the
other works it can show ssn or dob not both...
how profiles can be used in this scenario ?
please do share with me if you have any solution for this security model and i have got to provide them some kind of solution.

Hope someone will reply some solution for this issue .......


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