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Factless tables

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Factless tables Empty Factless tables

Post  Claus The Newbee Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:40 pm

I have a factless table
DimDate (DateKey,Day,Month,Year)
FactlessContractCoverage(OwnerKey, DateKey)

Every entry in FactlessContractCoverage tell me that there is a contract for that installation for that month (every entry in registrered the first of the month)

I need to calculate percentage count(Ownerkey)/count(installation) * periodinmonth ; per customer ;per corporate is the possiple?


customer no : 50050 has 139 installations period of time 72 month
total coverage : 139 * 72
actault 60

percentage for customer 60/139*72

how do a write MDX for this ?

Claus The Newbee

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