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Kalido: Need to add two columns

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Kalido: Need to add two columns Empty Kalido: Need to add two columns

Post  Sujeet Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:38 pm


We have to add two columns (LateOrders and PromistOrders) on our Kalido production environment. For this we have decided the below options, please suggest which one is better.

(1)    Add these two columns manually on the production TDS (Alter the production TDS table and then add these two columns) and then load the appropriate data into the TDS.
(2)    Take backup of both the databases and then restore the development database on the production one.
Apart from the above two options, is there any way to export the BIM from the existing production DIW and then make the appropriate changes in the BIM and then deploy the modified BIM on the production? Please suggest on this?

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