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is Parent-Child mandatory?

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is Parent-Child mandatory? Empty is Parent-Child mandatory?

Post  Guest Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:05 am

Hi everyone,

In my model i have this dimension which it's hirarchy is an unbalanced hirarchy

In my fact table the reference key to this dimension can be in different levels: leaf level and non-leaf levels

Now, one solution is a parent-child hirarchy

the triuble with this solution is that i can have only one parent-child hirarchy per dimension and i do need two hirarchies

- the customer wants one tree of the decriptions and one of the codes - he acttually wants to show data sliced by a tree of codes. that way i have to create two dimension one for codes and one for descriptions

in addition, i understand there are some performance issues within large cubes

another solution is to flatten the dimension

Level_1_Code, Level_1_Desc,Level_2_Code, Level_2_Desc,Level_3_Code, Level_4_Desc till 5 levels (maximum level of the unbalanced tree)

is it possible to flatten the dimension or parent-child is neccacery? I remind you In fact table the reference key can be in different levels: leaf level and non-leaf levels



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is Parent-Child mandatory? Empty Re: is Parent-Child mandatory?

Post  ngalemmo Sun Jun 08, 2014 11:03 pm

Depends on your hierarchy.

If there is a fixed number of defined levels you can use a flattened structure. If the number of levels is unknown or the hierarchy is recursive, a parent/child structure is the only reasonable way to represent it.

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