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Too Many SSIS packages to manage!

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Too Many SSIS packages to manage! Empty Too Many SSIS packages to manage!

Post  Remark Mon Oct 05, 2015 5:24 am

My data warehousing team currently supports over 700+ ssis packages in production. We have your typical landing zone, staging area and production data warehouse. We also have a user testing environment which replicate the production jobs.

Although we have package templates and some reusable ssis packages, we still find ourselves creating new ssis packages each week (despite my protest). As you can imagine, this great number of package are difficult to manage and is ultimately unsustainable.

What I would like to discuss with this great group of like-minds, is other methodologies or techniques used in the real world to slow the growth of production packages or create a more metadata driven ETL process.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.



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