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Opportunity (Funnel) Modeling

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Opportunity (Funnel) Modeling Empty Opportunity (Funnel) Modeling

Post  fduffy Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:29 am

I have some questions about a process that I'm modeling in my company and need some pointers. I've attended the Dimensional Modeling class and read the book, but I'm stumped about how to solve this problem.

The business requirements for the Opportunities for Accounts are to be analyzed for both changes in timing and value. Meaning that the business would like to track when the Closed Date or the Amount changes. They would also like to compare the total Opportunity Amounts for the beginning of a quarter through the end of a quarter on a daily basis and be able to research that change, i.e., what Opportunities changed in timing or value.

My thoughts were that the Closed Date could be tracked in an Opportunity Dimension as a Type 2. What I'm having difficulty designing is tracking the changes to the Opportunity Amount. Since the amounts are additive It seems like I almost need a Type 2 Fact table to track the changes. I was thinking of a daily periodic snapshot for the Opportunity facts but was coming up short with how to enable the research of changing Opportunity Amounts.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or pointers to an appropriate source would be appreciated.



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