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Is this grain mismatch

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Is this grain mismatch Empty Is this grain mismatch

Post  Ashish Mishra Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:45 am


I am trying to desgin a fact table for the telecom company where need of reporting is to see the perfomance of customer based on the services being used

here all the usage of customer is at "call type" level e.g. of call type is "SMS inbound" while activation deactivation and all such activity happens at the service level e.g. of service "SMS"

the kind of report customer want is to see that what are the services that getting picked up alot by cusomer and also how is the usage pattern

what I am planning to do is monthly snapshot that will look something like

Cust_sk service_sk call_type_sk date_sk service_status_sk meaure 1 measure 2
Is this the right way to approach this problem
also what should i do with the services that are active but no usage on them should i bring it to fact table or not.
Also there can be services that have not been taken by any customer should i just leave them alone.

Adding more complexity to the problem is that non usage charges are only associated with the service and not the call type what should i do with this data.

Ashish Mishra

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