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Codes and indicators

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Codes and indicators Empty Codes and indicators

Post  chrisg2 Mon May 16, 2011 3:00 pm

We have a financial model which includes a fair number of codes and indicators.
These codes and indicators fall into two somewhat separate areas LOANS and DEPOSITS which we have one Fact and core Dimension for each in addition to other relevant dimensions.

I have thought of several ways to model however would like to know what is considered the best approach.

Option1: Include all codes and indicators into the main DEPOSIT and LOAN dimensions. This adds appriximately 30 additional columns to each of LOAN and DEPOSIT dimensions including the associated description for codes and indicators

Option2: Put all codes and indicators for both LOAN and DEPOSIT in a separate dimension and make it a conformed dimension so both LOAN and DEPOSIT fact tables be able to use it. And the relationship will be based on "Role Playing".

Option3: Separate codes and indicators for LOAN and DEPOSIT. i.e. All codes and indicators for LOAN in one table and one for DEPOSIT

Option4: Separate codes and indicators even further by creating a separate CODE and INDICATOR dimension for each of LOAN and DEPOSIT categories.

I feel option2 is best suited. options3 & 4 could be a bit of an overkill and highly normalized. Option 1 makes each of my DEPOSIT and LOAN dimensions much bigger than they already are (each have about 35 columns now)

Your views are valued, If you have any experience in such areas and cases and could share that with me.


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