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Health Care Dimensional Modelling

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Health Care Dimensional Modelling Empty Health Care Dimensional Modelling

Post  mehnaz786786 Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:13 am

I am working on Health care project to do data modeling to create either star or snow flake schema. Here is my table list
Dimensions Tables: Patient, Provider, Medication, vaccination, procedure, observation, diagnosis and lab results(These are just denormalised tables the dimensions are not yet populated for Medication to lab results only Patient and Provider dimensions are created)
Fact Table: Billing Table(with measures like length of stay and total amount and all keys from each Dim tables).

Now the problem is i could easily tie up the patient and provider dimension to the fact table with patient_id and provider_id and i dont know how to bring in or use rest of the dimension tables i.e,(Medication, vaccination, procedure, observation, diagnosis and lab results). I am new to dimensional modeling and i am not sure how to do tie up these tables do i need to use any bridge tables(if so for which tables we can have this bridge table). Moreover, whether a star schema is possible or we should have a snow flake.
please help me out.


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