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tenants and children versus facts

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tenants and children versus facts Empty tenants and children versus facts

Post  elementary Wed May 23, 2012 9:05 am

I have a tenant dimension which can be related to various facts (maintenance on houses/apartments, payments, hire requests ...)
A tenant can have numerous attributes which could be of importance to 1 or more facts.

Now, each tenant also can have children, which upon their turn can have different attributes (age, income, job, gender ... and lots more).
What we want to achieve is to be able to use the childrens' attributes versus a(ny) fact table.

Important remark: a fact table is related to a tenant. A tenant is related to 0,1 or more children. None of the facts is related to children directly.

- give me the payments for tenants which have at least 2 children, of which at least 1 child is older than 18 years.
- give me the number maintenances done in period x for tenants with a mutual income of more than 10.000 dollar and where at least 1 child is x% handicapped
- ...

Any thought on how to model this?


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tenants and children versus facts Empty Re: tenants and children versus facts

Post  BoxesAndLines Wed May 23, 2012 3:37 pm

A bridge table to a Tenant dimension should work. Put the role (child, Parent) in the bridge table as well. All tenants, children and parents go into the tenant dimension.

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