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Creating YTD, PTD provision in Data Model

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Creating YTD, PTD provision in Data Model Empty Creating YTD, PTD provision in Data Model

Post  ranjitkumars Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:58 am

I would require your advice on Data Modeling front for provision YTD & PTD metrics for Reports.

ETL tool used in Neoview SQL
Reporting Tool is Pentaho (User SQLs, the tool does not generate Queries)
The architecture has no cubes and it is older version of Pentaho.

Give the above constraints, we are required to provide a best fit solution for getting YTD, PTD metrics.
If the solution is completed implemented in report query, then performance of Report takes a major hit.

We do not have YTD, PTD attributes in the Datamodel. As of now Report query is generating these metrics and performance is taking a hit.
I prefer to share the load between ETL and Reporting tool. What changes in the Data model is required to make sure the SQL is split between ETL and Reporting.

If I add YTD, PTD metrics to the tables, will that be the best solution for Reporting.
Please share your thoughts and experience ASAP.



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Creating YTD, PTD provision in Data Model Empty Re: Creating YTD, PTD provision in Data Model

Post  BoxesAndLines Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:51 pm

Summarizing metrics by day, month, YTD, MTD, are all a function of filtering on the date dimension. If your date dimension does not support this reporting, add the appropriate columns.

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