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Fact table design based on sales appointments

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Fact table design based on sales appointments Empty Fact table design based on sales appointments

Post  dmcgivney Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:11 pm

I am looking for advice on fact table design.
I have 2 base tables. Sales Appointments and Sales Proposals.
An Appointment may have 1 or many or no Sales Proposals.
We wish to analyze this data by appts and proposal. So my most granular fact is the proposal if it exist.
Table examples are abreviated.
ApptID, Date, Type, Customer data...
Proposal Table:
ApptID, Date, Type, SubType, Amt,OutCome

Is it "ok" to have a wide table with appt data, customer data and proposal data would be null?
If a single table the appt data would be repeated many times, using Distinct counts handles this issue.

Comments and advice are appreciated.


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