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Conformed Dimension

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 Conformed Dimension Empty Conformed Dimension

Post  Brindha Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:05 pm


How to handle the conformed dimensions.
1 .Granular fact table -(Empid,ActivityDate,Duration,Reason,Flag)
2.Aggregated fact --(Empid,Induration,Outduration,Reason,Month,Year)
3.Master calendar- (Date,Month,Year,Quarter)
4. Dimension- (Empid,Alignmentcode,Alignstartdate,Alignenddate)
5- Dimension- (Alignmentcode,Code_Effectivedate,Code_expirydate,Month,year,Workingdays)

Could somebody suggest the best way of handing the conformed dimension and get the best data model


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