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Hierarchy in separate dimension tables

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Hierarchy in separate dimension tables Empty Hierarchy in separate dimension tables

Post  kuldeepchitrakar Fri Sep 14, 2012 4:00 am


I have got following situation.

I have personDim and a person can have three type of designation at a time say Designition1,Designition2,Designition3.

group of persons form a Team (a team has persons of three types of designation)

say, TeamA has three members PersonWithDesignition1,PersonWithDesignition2,PersonWithDesignition3

and team belongs to a particular department say Dept1 and Dept1 can have multiple teams however a team can have only one department at a time.

So, Hierarchy becomes

TeamA TeamB ....

hierarchy: Department -> Team -> Persons

In current DW design all this is created using a bridge table. basically a bridge table is used to demonstrate this hierarchy and join three different dimensions as

Fact table is at Team level.

Do you think this could have been handled better way instead of putting hierarchies in separate dimension table. Is there any better way to handle this.


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