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Which (third-party) Software to browse SSAS Cube ?

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Which (third-party) Software to browse SSAS Cube ? Empty Which (third-party) Software to browse SSAS Cube ?

Post  alpha_a Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:33 am


In my company I'm looking to suggest software applications that can be used to:
- Browse SSAS cube and provide dynamic and static reports
- Manage acces rights by dimension and measure

I know this can be done using reporting services or excel, but for some reasons we're looking for alternatives.

Which software do you think is 'professional' enough to be used with a cube that contains sensitive information ?

Thank you.


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Which (third-party) Software to browse SSAS Cube ? Empty Re: Which (third-party) Software to browse SSAS Cube ?

Post  VHF Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:40 am

Did your company ever choose a product?

Business Objects Enterprise includes a suite of "professional-grade" BI tools including Web Intelligence for ad-hoc reporting, Crystal Report for pixel-perfect reports, and Advanced Analysis (formerly Voyager) for slice-and-dice analysis of cube data. To use Business Objects tools, you first build a "universe" which describes your relational or cube data source. Only tables/fields you specify in the universe are available to users in the tools.

Security of cube data would best be managed from within SSAS based on Active Directory groups or users. If for some reason this won't work for you, the Business Objects universe does allow seting up data restirctions based on the user.


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