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Universe & joins

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Universe & joins Empty Universe & joins

Post  Afaf Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:11 pm


Need to do a left outer join in the where clause of a dimension object


- There are two tables in the database schema that contain the Log-in ID of a user
- Lets say Table A contains the Log-id ID and some other info whereas Table B also contains the Log-in ID and the user's first and last name
- The requirement is to show the user's First name and last name along with the log-in ID and other info from Table A
- In the Universe, Tables A and B are not joined
- Instead a dimension object has been created with the select clause as:

select table.first_name||' ' ||table.last_name

- And in the where clause the condition is specified as:

Table A.log_ID = TableB.Log_ID

- According to me, this works however brings is incorrect results at some places
- I suggested that we create an Alias table or somehow do a Left Outer join to the Table B
- I don't see how this can be achieved without actually joining the tables and placing the join condition in the where clause.

But ,
Righting case statement sounds good the only question how can I right an outer join in the statement ?

Because what I am trying to do is : I need to compare values between those 2 objects. But also for one of the other object I want to return the rest of the data ?

Plz reply soon Experts,
Have a great day ahead !


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