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Dimensional Model for Property Management

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Dimensional Model for Property Management Empty Dimensional Model for Property Management

Post  min.emerg Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:31 am


I'm building a data warehouse that will store data associated with Property Management. The difficulty I am facing is that my current dimensional model consists of only a handful of dimensions that are individually quite large.

For instance, Property Groups consist of one or more Properties/Buildings, while Properties consist of one or more Suites. Each of these have additional attributes associated with them (such as region, and the suite type, such as Office or Retail).

As such, my Property dimension looks something like:

(PropertyKey, PropertyGroupName, PropertyName, Region, Suite, LettableSquareFootage, Sector), plus many other ad-hoc properties (such as Property Value, Landlords etc.)

I am tempted to split these into different dimensions and link them via the fact tables, but Property Groups, Properties, and Suites are implicitly associated with each other, and do not need a fact to tie them together. Is it acceptable to have a handful of detailed dimensions as I have at the moment?


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