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Dimension Version Field Variations you've seen.

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Dimension Version Field Variations you've seen.  Empty Dimension Version Field Variations you've seen.

Post  DavidStein Tue Dec 04, 2012 5:40 pm

I've always followed the Kimball standard of using RowIsCurrent (Single Character), and RowStartDate and RowEndDate as the SQL Server Date, or Datetime datatypes.

I'm polishing up a script which writes T-SQL Merge statements based upon SCD type (0,1,2) for each field automatically. With the exception of the field names, what other configurations of expiration fields have you seen? I want to make sure my script handles most of what's out there.

Also, what term would you use to refer to these fields? Versioning fields? Expiration Fields? I need to have a way to refer to these types of fields in the script and in the documentation.


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