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Dimensional Modelling issue

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Dimensional Modelling  issue Empty Dimensional Modelling issue

Post  yogesh.dhende Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:32 am


I am working with Stock Exchange data, as per the availability of data, I found 2 dimensions that is

In my fact table, some of the fact(measures) are changing based on *Date(Day)* and some of the them are changing based on *Time*

My questions:
[1] : Can a dimension model have only 2 dimensions ?
[2] : Can I make 2 fact tables, *Fact-1* will store measures based on the *Date(Day)* and *Fact-2* will store measures based on the *Time* ?

Please share your valuable suggestions..



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Dimensional Modelling  issue Empty RE: Dimensional Modelling issue

Post  hkandpal Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:22 am


A dimension model usually has more than one dimension. REgarding your situation where you want Date and TIme, you can have two approaches
1) Store the Date in a date dimension and capture the time directly in the fact .
2) Or Have a date dimenison and a seperate time dimension (the time dimn could be for every hour or minute depending upon how you want to capture the time).



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