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Data extraction from a datawarehouse

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Data extraction from a datawarehouse Empty Data extraction from a datawarehouse

Post  yvivek02 Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:58 am


I am in design in charge for a large datawarehouse which provides data to other analytic systems like Campaign Management, Dealer and Sales Management for their use. This requires data to be pulled from warehouse and apply certain rules which are specific to the end system requirements. For e.g. there can be different definitions of first time user, repurchase and so on depending upon the use of the data.
I am faced with certain design options where:
- To extract and provide raw data to downstream applications and let them process it as per the definition. DOwnstream applications do not favour this as they complain of not having enough processing power and dont understand the BI data well
- To provide processed data as per their definition. This increases the operation over head and is not favored by operations

Would like some industry best practices, guidelines to arrive at a decision in such cases.


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