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Customer/Student Dimension

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Customer/Student Dimension Empty Customer/Student Dimension

Post  hunain Tue Sep 17, 2013 4:11 am

I have a requirement to keep track of student demographic data historically. If a student is single when he started, married when he graduated I want to keep a track of it. This will allow us to show what was the marital status of the student at the time of graduation. The student graduation activity is recorded in the fact table.

My existing student dimension table contains Student Id and Name is Type 1 it does not contain marital status. Will I have to introduce another dimension table something like student demographics which is of type 2 and keeps track of the student marital status history but then the student_key (sk) of my student demographics table will not match with the student_key of my actual student dimension table. Is there a problem there?

What would be the best way to capture change in Student Marital Status as per best practises.

Will I have to then convert my existing table to type 2 and add new column for marital status along with columns start, expiry and current row ind.

I know that in the industry its also important to capture if the customer was single or married at the time of his order. Please share the best practises. Thanks very much.


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Customer/Student Dimension Empty Re: Customer/Student Dimension

Post  Bill Anton Mon Oct 28, 2013 1:15 pm

What type of fact table are you using?

Edit: the reason I ask this question is because the solution you choose might differ depending on whether this is a transaction fact table or an accumulating snapshot fact table.

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Bill Anton

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Customer/Student Dimension Empty Re: Customer/Student Dimension

Post  ngalemmo Mon Oct 28, 2013 1:45 pm

The options you have are to create a new dimension as you describe or expand the existing student dimension and start maintaining it as a type 2. Either will work. If you go with the first option, it is simply a new dimension and should be treated like any other dimension, it is referenced by a FK on a fact table. It has no dependency on the type 1 student dimension

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Customer/Student Dimension Empty Re: Customer/Student Dimension

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