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Operational and analytical reporting

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Operational and analytical reporting Empty Operational and analytical reporting

Post  umutiscan Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:01 am

We are discussing reporting responsibilities of IT departments of my company. Traditionally we group reporting needs under two main category : Operational reports and analytical reports.

Operational reports (like tickets waiting for an action) are generated to support intra day operations of operational departments so we address this kind of requirements to operational systems or operational data store. Because wee need near real time reporting capalities to meet intra day reporting needs. On the other hand, analytical reports (like trends, monthly or yearly aggregations etc) are addressed to data warehouse. Briefly we have 3 potential reporting environment : ODS, data Warehouse and operational systems.

But we are discussing the address of some type of reports. I listed some examples below and I wonder your opinion.

- Monthly debit card transaction list of a customer : Real time capabilities not needed, this is used for monthly analysis or controls. And I already have those transactions in data warehouse, because I use the transaction list to generate transaction aggregations. And transaction level data in data warehouse is available for reporting. But some people think that this report is a very "simple" report, I mean it has no analytical content, so it has to be addressed to ODS or operational systems. But I think  "Simple report" is not equal to operational report and "real time need" is the key indicator to differentiate the operational report and analytical report. So this report must be addressed to data warehouse.

- Monthly Legal Reports : This kind of reports are prepared by source systems. But generating monthly reports on operational systems is an hard work, summarized data has to be stored for a long time, and those reports are generally aggregated and summarized by customer id. So I think that this kind of reports must be handled in data warehouse.

Thanks in advance.


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Operational and analytical reporting Empty Re: Operational and analytical reporting

Post  ngalemmo Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:49 am

It really depends, but if you can do it from the DW, that's fine.

The 'legal' reports may be an issue. GAAP suggests such reports originate from the system of record. This usually means the system that processed the transactions. You can work around it by implementing tight controls on the ETL process to ensure the DW image is accurate and current. This would need to be addressed by the CFO.


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