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credit card program design challenge

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credit card program design challenge Empty credit card program design challenge

Post  colon832 Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:19 pm


I am challenge with credit card programn design. currently the business supports three types of card programs. Each of these tends to have a specific card processor associated to them. Credit, Debit, ATM. A card prefix, prefix, or BIN, refers to the first six (6) digits in an account number for a credit, debit or prepaid card. It will identify the Line of Business, and card processor for any card issued under it.
^----^ Where 413258 identifies the card prefix
Card programs are identified by the elements and restrictions defined by the card processor they are associated with. The card processor handles and tracks all transactions generated by the cards. ; the System, Principal, and Agent numbers. Each is a four digit number used to identify a specific card program by the card processor. each card prefix will have one System, each System under that prefix can have multiple Principal values, and each System and Principal paired value can have multiple Agents this is true for debit. for credit line this logic does not exits. called the Extended BIN. Similar to some of the other processors, it decode logic is based on a fixed starting point and length. The Extended BIN is defined as being (7/3), where it will always begin at position seven (7), and include the following three (3) numbers.
Cardholder Number 4123-9912-34567890
^---------^ Card Prefix, first 6 digits (412399)
^-^ Extended BIN, starting at position 7, for 3 numbers (123)
The quation I have is do I design one Dimension with all these characteristics in it or do I have one based dimension with commond elements
and two smaller dimension with the particular flavors of credit, debit, atm?



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