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Which is better?

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Which is better? Empty Which is better?

Post  TheNJDevil Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:48 pm

I finally got money budgeted for a DW/BI conference this year. I need to get it spent ASAP as the funding could be cancelled by mid year. Narrowed it down to the Gartner BI & Analytics conf in early April or the TDWI conf at the end of Feb. Does anyone have experience with either of these conferences? Which would you recommend to someone who knows dimensional modeling fairly well, and can get by with ETL and analysis knowledge? The company I work for knows that DW/BI is the correct way to go, but is very reluctant on getting a firm start (spending money).

I am looking for a better understanding of how to position the take-off point and investments needed, not just the ones that are nice to have. Talking with Sr leadership, they want to focus on ROI before approving a project. I have implemented several small projects for different depts, but nothing that ties it all together.

I know, slightly vague, but I can answer any questions that would make selecting one over the other better. Thanks.


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Which is better? Empty Re: Which is better?

Post  BoxesAndLines Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:30 pm

Based on your criteria, I'd looks seriously at the Gartner meeting. If you have a subscription to their content, you know they have tons of information targeting ROI, industry trends, organization value, enterprise architecture, etc.

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