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Cube measure number of institutions

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Cube measure number of institutions Empty Cube measure number of institutions

Post  sssqllearner Mon Oct 13, 2014 5:05 am


can you please guide me on to start this task:
I need this for an overview of Type of institutions : How many Hospitals, pharmacies and privat practices do we have (the relevant distinction will be field either account type, account workplace type or department specialty). This means the measurements must work on top level institutions and department level. If necessary you can create 2 different measurements (main institution and department).
We have one dimensional table call dimaccount which act as a master source for AccountName, DepartmentName , a.AccountType etc..if i understad this correctly then in simple sql terms it will something like below:-

select a.AccountName, a.DepartmentName , a.AccountType ,
a.AccountWorkplaceType_English, a.DepartmentWorkplaceType_English , COUNT(*) NumberOfInstitutions
From presentation.vDimAccount a
where a.AccountType = 'F'
group by a.AccountName ,a.DepartmentName ,a.AccountType ,
a.AccountWorkplaceType_English, a.DepartmentWorkplaceType_English

Am i understanding this correctly? if yes, then i was thinking to add one measure gorup in the cube for count on the dimaccount table and set relevant dimension usuage.




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