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Near Real time ETL and ETL cloud

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Near Real time ETL and ETL cloud Empty Near Real time ETL and ETL cloud

Post  juanvg1972 Sun Jun 07, 2015 5:55 pm


I have read that the principal changes of Data Integration process in the near future are: real time ETL and cloud ETL.
I have many doubus about that questions, becaurse many people talk or read, but few people talk about real experiences or real projects.... I write here my doubts asking for help:

1) real time ETL: are we talking about CDC systems?, several micro-batch process in a day?, what more changes are needed in real time ETL?. What do I have to consider in my ETL process to go from daily process to "near real time ETL"

2) ETL cloud. If I have my ETL process in a cloud server, what about my DWH or data mart?. I suppose my DWH and data mart is in cloud too...., what about data sources of my ETL process (mainframe files, Oracle tables, excel files, xml files, extractions fro ERPs). Do I have to upload all that source files to the cloud server???., not many transferring time?, what about performance?

If I consider a whole BI system in cloud?, whar about B.I. software?. I can't imagine a cloud 1 powercenter process + cloud 2 teradata dwh + cloud 3 microstrategy reports/dashborads + cloud 4 SAS data mining. If I work with differente softwares companys how can I do B.I. in cloud?, each B.I. tier in his cloud?, four clouds transferring data from each other?.
I suppose only companies like IBM (datastage + DB2 + cognos + spss) or SAP can the whole B.I. process with his tools on a unique cloud.

Any advice will be greatly aprecciated

Thanks in advance


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