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Mutiple Factless facts

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Mutiple Factless facts Empty Mutiple Factless facts

Post  sneevand Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:34 pm


We have an star schema, which has 5 different fact less fact which are just used to find the count for each category of the products. X product type count no of orders, Y Product type orders; based on different dates and different product types.


How can I combine all the factlessfacts to single table with jus including and category Type as Root,Failure,Trade,Sold; Does it impact the performance?

Consider for some dates; some category don't have data.

Does it provide me accurate count as now?



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Mutiple Factless facts Empty Re: Mutiple Factless facts

Post  ngalemmo Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:28 pm

Or you can have one table with count measures for each of the categories (probably containing 1 or zero).  This would give you the same number of rows as your other tables so it should not significantly affect performance.  

How your particular DBMS handles the larger table you propose, and how you tune it, will determine how it would perform.  At worst it would be a linear increase (4x bigger, 4x longer) or it may not matter at all.

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