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Proving performance - HELP

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Proving performance - HELP Empty Proving performance - HELP

Post  AndyPainter Thu Nov 12, 2009 11:17 am

I have an interesting problem, in that i need to be able to build confidence in a client that when the dimensional model has been deployed it will be a much more performant solution that they currently have. They currently have a copy of a transactional system schema that they query.

The problem i have is how to demonstrate this, with limited resources. The proof of concept box i have, has very limited resources and i can't get anywere near live data, or a good representation of what the live system would look like. So trying to build a decent POC to demo performance is very difficult.

I can definatley understand my clients concerns, as they only have my word, (and the 1000's of projects where it has been used!), that using a structure like a dimensional model will improve the existing systems performance problems. It's very much a trust thing, and i'd like to back that up with hard evidence.

Is there any emperical evidence i can reference. The client is not technical, so not much point we trying to explain technically what the database is doing, unless you have a business description of how a database works with a dimensional model.

Any thoughts, help or links will be greatly appreciated.

Maybe It could be worth me at some point, taking the the AdventureWorks databases on MS SQL Server and running the same query against the OLTP version and the Dimensional Model version and showing the difference..... but even then i suspect the client will say they still can't be sure as it's not there data or schema.




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Proving performance - HELP Empty Re: Proving performance - HELP

Post  ngalemmo Fri Nov 13, 2009 1:35 pm

I understand your situation, but can't offer much help.

Even in fat times it is difficult to get a business to fund something unless there is a pain that needs resolving or a need fulfilled. Given the current economic situation, most businesses hunker down and try to keep what they have.

If their current reporting situation is not deemed a significant business problem, they are simply going to continue with 'good enough' and not invest in fixing something they do not consider broken.

If you want to sell this, first identify the pain and assess the value the business places on removing it. Then build your proposition based on that percieved value. If the numbers don't add up, it simply isn't going to happen.

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