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Populating Factless Fact Data

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Populating Factless Fact Data Empty Populating Factless Fact Data

Post  Geetikageraarya Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:15 am


I am working on a dimension table that has an audit trail with the Id column and the Old id column and in the data warehouse all these type of dimension are linked by a Factless Fact with Application Dimesion and Application Id as a Grain.Application Dimension is also has the same id and old id

In the Fact Data we want to keep all the Application ids and a hierarchy of the old ids but in other dimensions all the ids are not needed and we can just keep the last row of that day.

How can we populate the Factless Fact when we are losing on the natural ids in the dimension?



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Populating Factless Fact Data Empty Re: Populating Factless Fact Data

Post  zoom Thu Nov 19, 2015 8:27 am

Well if the requirement is to load Fact table with new and old Ids then you do need old ids in the Dim.

Unless you create one dummy data or mock up data row in each dim and replace you old ids with that new id in the Fact table and delete old ids from dims. If you planning to delete old ids from dim then, It is a good approach to create an archive dim that store those old ids for reference purpose and then delete them from your original dims.


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