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SSIS SCD Component

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SSIS SCD Component Empty SSIS SCD Component

Post  fdarrigo Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:42 pm

We are using (or attempting to use) the Kimball Method SSIS Slowly Changing Dimension Component for SSIS from Todd McDermid (
We have run into a few issues and would appreciate some advice if anyone has used this SSIS component.

First, although, the existing dimension input columns for “SCD2 Current Record”, “SCD2 Effective Date”, and “SCD2 Expiry Date” are assigned on the first tab, when running the job against or test staging table and dimension table, we get no values in these columns.

We have also had difficulty getting the column mapping (tab 2) to stick. (Meaning that the mapping from Source to Existing Dimension doesn’t save the first time and when you open the edit dialogue again some of the mappings are gone.)

Also, we are getting only additional records in our dimension table when using this component, instead of the SCD1 values being changed. We are at a stand-still.

Most of our columns are SCD1 with one exception that is SCD2. There is a single-field surrogate key and a single-field business key.


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