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Adhering to standards for greater development

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Adhering to standards for greater development Empty Adhering to standards for greater development

Post  Troianna Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:47 am

Consider the following table on the desirable density of dwelling units for different areas developed by the planning authorities.  For ideal city development, adhering to certain standards helps a lot.
Sl. No.                       Description                                        Dwelling units/per hectare
    1                      Low density area                                            25
    2                      Medium density area                                    500
    3                      High density area                                           75
    4                      Average density of dwellings                      40-50
    5                      Average size of family                              5 persons
Haphazard development is the main problem facing the Properties in Kerala .  Most of the high-density areas have already exceeded the limit set for the number of dwelling units possible in a particular area.  Thus water shortage, inadequate sewage disposal, environment pollution are all major intractable problems.
Almost all the city corporations and the municipalities have already demarcated the land areas under their jurisdiction into different zones for faster development.  It is interesting to note that even the municipal areas have been properly demarcated for different purposes.  Allowing small scale or even large industries to set up shop in residential areas is not a wise option.  Likewise identifying land for residential purposes adjacent to industrial estates and other polluting industries must be discouraged.
When the prescribed size of a family is 5 persons, in Kerala, the average family size is 3 and in rare instances it is 4.  This has resulted in phenomenal decrease in the population of the state and thus many of the prominent schools of earlier times have already shut shop.  This continuing decline in the population will have major repercussions in the near future.


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