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Agile Enterprise Data Warehousing

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Agile Enterprise Data Warehousing Empty Agile Enterprise Data Warehousing

Post  Justin Lovell Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:14 am

I would really appreciate it if someone could just point me in the right direction with regards the situation Iím faced with currently.

The scenario:
My team was tasked with implementing a data warehouse.
This has been a challenge since the environment is full of very clever people who have an inherent love for relational data models and object-orientated design approaches. However, through many workshops and presentations at Architectural committees ect ... we have clearly explained the beauty of dimensional modelling. We have designed the entire process, from ETL 1 (staging) to ETL 2 (data warehouse) including bus matrix, we have a dimensional model which already we have partly tested with data loads and our reports are reconciling.

The issue:
So we thought we were set and ready to go and then came the politics!
Before we have even finished development the management/architects now want another team with virtually no experience to develop in parallel another data mart that needs to leverage off our conformed dimensions. This also includes them using a different schema developing in our same staging database and also loading into our same data warehouse database. So now we have been tasked to define the business process of how such collaboration can occur, so that the new people can follow the template and process.

My questions:
I came across design tip #111 Is Agile Enterprise Data Warehousing an Oxymoron. This article seems to be the process I need to define.
First, do you think this is practically possible?
Secondly, could you point me in the right direction in defining this environment?
Thirdly, people have been telling me that Ralph Kimball has designed the ďData Warehouse Bus StructureĒ. Enabling almost a virtual data warehouse environment where data mart could be located on different servers, yet still enabling enterprise reporting on top of it, with the required performance. Do you have any articles or guiding principles that I need to consider before putting forward recommendations?

Justin Lovell

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Agile Enterprise Data Warehousing Empty Re: Agile Enterprise Data Warehousing

Post  BoxesAndLines Thu Feb 03, 2011 11:01 am

Develop dimensional modeling standards, ETL standards, and database standards, to ensure the new group designs their process correctly. If you sit back, this looks like a good thing. The DW is gaining acceptance across the enterprise. Once standards are in place, make sure you review their work to ensure it is compliant with existing DW structures, ETL, etc.

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