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Dimensional modeling spreadsheet license clarification

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Dimensional modeling spreadsheet license clarification Empty Dimensional modeling spreadsheet license clarification

Post  Mike Honey Tue Mar 01, 2011 6:59 pm

I've been using some of the tools provided with the "Microsoft Data Warehouse" book:

In particular the Dimensional modeling spreadsheet (under Chapter 2) and the Metadata database create and load scripts and Reporting package (under Chapter 15) have been very useful. I highly recommend these for anyone embarking on or maintaining a dimensional model. The functionality covers a wide range from modeling and table design, through SQL script generation, ETL design and documentation and metadata reporting - all with just Excel and SQL!

IMO this is a more practical solution than specialised data modelling tools as it is so open, portable, accessible and extendable, and does not require specialised tools or training. I've been using it constantly through the life of a federated datamart solution over several years, with all schema and ETL changes pushed out from the spreadsheet. This ensures that it remains the "one source of truth" for the current design.

My question is about the license for these tools. It's not clearly stated on the download page and some of the content indicates it is "copyright". I've noticed some bugs and areas for potential improvement that I'd like to discuss and share with others e.g. on this forum, but I don't want to get into legal strife.

Can someone from the Kimball Group please clarify the license for those objects, e.g. Shared Source Permissive License (SS-PL)?

Depending on the answer to that question, is there some way I could then submit bug fixes or enhancements - e.g. CodePlex?


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