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Modelling hierarchy information

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Modelling hierarchy information Empty Modelling hierarchy information

Post  Aravinth Mon Oct 24, 2011 4:04 pm

I am creating a dimensional data model to store Project management data. I am receiving 3 file input file

1. Region.dat - Has Region details

2. Project Detail.dat - Each record contains details about each program or project or subproject

3. Project Cross Reference - Cross reference file to build the hierarchy for Program, project and Subproject. One project can reside under
more than on program and subproject under more than one project

I am creating 2 dimension to store Region and Project detail (Excluding effort)

How do I store the cross reference/hierarchy Bridge table, as key columns in fact table?

Input Files

Region - (Region information)
Region ID

Project Detail - (Program/project/Subproject information)
ID (Can be program/project/subproject ID)
Project Name
Sart Date
End Date
Approved effort
Actuals effort

Project Corss Reference
Program Id
Program Name
Project Id
Project Name
Sub Project Id
Sub Project Name


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