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SSIS vs Oracle connection

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SSIS vs Oracle connection Empty SSIS vs Oracle connection

Post  TheNJDevil Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:28 pm

I am finally ready to roll this SSIS project out and have run into an unforseen problem. When launching the package manually, everything runs just great, under 2 minutes to completion. Now that it is set up to run using a SQL Agent job, it hangs on a connection to Oracle. I spent a day trying to figure out why it would just hang. Tried it in 32bit mode, 64bit mode, nothing seems to make it work when running in a job.

Anyone had similar problems?


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SSIS vs Oracle connection Empty Re: SSIS vs Oracle connection

Post  Mike Honey Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:44 pm

Hi NJDevil,

Hanging sounds unusual - normally I'd expect this to fail with some kind of clue after a timeout. How are you sure it's hanging on the Oracle connection?

BTW I feel your pain - Oracle connections can be a nightmare. The standard method still seems to rely on the good old tnsnames.ora file in the right place with the right content (usually manually edited) and the PATH environment variable to point to it. It all seems really "retro" for 2012 ...

Good luck!
Mike Honey
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