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Company Report Hierarchy

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Company Report Hierarchy Empty Company Report Hierarchy

Post  mindtrap Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:06 am

Try to make a data warehouse and cube design for one of my company system, this system has a kind of workflow for reporting but has a weird hierarchy

For instance the company has a General Manager, Project Coordinators, Project Manager, Team Leaders and Employees even if this is a hierarchical some of those employees directly report the manager and some of them has no Coordinator or Project manager.

In our existing structure programmers hold a Path variable inside database which is something like x.y.z and interpret as x report to y and y report to z but I didn't figure out how can I transfer this structure to data warehouse design

The structures like General Manager <- Project Coordinators <- Project Manager <- Team Leaders <- Employees will fail because there are some empty positions in between also those relations also many to many

So some of those employees have more than one Project Manager and Project Coordinator etc. I also don't know how to express that kind of structure as Cube

All help will be appreciated and thank you in advance


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Company Report Hierarchy Empty Re: Company Report Hierarchy

Post  ngalemmo Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:14 pm

First, everybody is an 'employee', with different positions/roles. Also, the hierarchies are ragged and you have multiple hierarchies.

Ragged hierarchies are best represented as recursive parent/child relationships: i.e., employee A reports to employee B.

As far as an employee reporting to multiple supervisors, you need to figure out the circumstances. If it is on a project basis, then project becomes a qualifier for the relationship. Each project has a unique hierarchy.

Any organization has a lot of different hierarchies. It is a matter of qualifying hierarchical relationships to the context of that relationship.

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