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Modeling advice for Dimension Table

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Modeling advice for Dimension Table Empty Modeling advice for Dimension Table

Post  mcha Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:02 am


I have set of data as shown in FIG1 below:

Modeling advice for Dimension Table Screen12

For my report needs (FIG2 and FIG3) i need to display:
  • nbAvailable: number of already available cases treated by manager in parameter in the beginning of the month
  • nbEntry: number of new cases entered during the month
  • nbOut: number of cases ended during the month

Actually I have a dimension table "Managers" and a snapshot fact table "Cases", in the fact table is stored FK manager_id which refers to the actual manager for a given date (FIG4).
I can calculate with this architecture nbAvailable and nbEntry with a SQL query, but i have a problem to calculate nbOut as I can't tell when the case was finished for a given manager/date.

Any help would be appreciated to achieve this result (new Dimension, change in Fact table ...)
Is it possible to achieve this by modeling a new SCD type2? If yes, how to proceed?

Thanks in advance,


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