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How SSRS indicators work...

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How SSRS indicators work... Empty How SSRS indicators work...

Post Fri May 24, 2013 2:48 pm

I know that this may be an off topic but it relates to DW and the tools used to create / present reports. Microsoft have what is called Indicators in SSRS and I cannot figure out the logic that they use to determine the state - maybe you can help.

Here is an example using percentage rule, with Auto for Min and Max

-- see attachment also
How SSRS indicators work... 5-23-211

Item A 69,622.1990 RED
Item B 47,987.9352 YELLOW
Item C 11,237.4420 RED
Item D 12,063.1895 RED
Item E 42,324.9775 YELLOW
Item F 24,539.4310 RED

Can anyone explain why?
Here is the math:

69,622.1990 100.00% 33.51%
47,987.9352 68.93% 23.10%
42,324.9775 60.79% 20.37%
24,539.4310 35.25% 11.81%
12,063.1895 17.33% 5.81%
11,237.4420 16.14% 5.41%

SUM 207,775.17
MAX 69,622.20

Why would 24,539 be on RED?
Thank you!

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How SSRS indicators work... Empty Re: How SSRS indicators work...

Post  Mike Honey Mon May 27, 2013 1:12 am

Yes this is off topic. You should post product-specific questions to the vendor forums e.g.
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