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Sales Data Mart Model

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Sales Data Mart Model  Empty Sales Data Mart Model

Post  rodcj92 Tue Nov 17, 2015 7:06 pm


I'm actually developing a Business Intelligence website for small businesses. I want to develop the sales area for the moment, so I designed a Data Mart with a star model aproach for this area of the business. I want it to be as general and standard as possible so that many small different businesses can fit in the model and upload their sales information. This is my actual model, any recommendation? What do you think about my model?


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Sales Data Mart Model  Empty Re: Sales Data Mart Model

Post  ron.dunn Wed Nov 18, 2015 7:51 am

"Sales Person Marital Status" ... I'd love to see how you plan to use that one

Which product did you use to draw the model?


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Sales Data Mart Model  Empty Re: Sales Data Mart Model

Post  nick_white Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:27 am

Do you already have a set of small businesses that you are building this BI website for - and this design is based on their requirements - or is this being built "on spec" with the hope that you can persuade businesses to use it?
If you are designing it "on spec" then I think you will quickly run into issues: designing a "one size fits all" model normally results in a design that doesn't actually suit anyone. Each customer will want to categorise their products in slightly different ways; they'll have different hierarchical structures for their sales organisations; they'll want to know different things about their customers; etc. etc.
By the time you've customised the model to meet each customer's requirements it would be easier to have started from scratch with each one. The challenge (and the time consuming part of any BI project) is understanding requirements and designing a data model that will support those requirements. The data model that you have come up with is basically the same generic model that anyone doing data modelling would come up with if asked to spend 10 minutes describing a sales star - and there are versions of it in 1000s of websites and books (such as Kimball's). Taking this basic model and turning it into something relevant for a particular business is what adds value and makes it useful - IMO


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Sales Data Mart Model  Empty Re: Sales Data Mart Model

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