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Supplier Dimension to include Customers & Employees

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Supplier Dimension to include Customers & Employees Empty Supplier Dimension to include Customers & Employees

Post  gssunder Mon Jan 31, 2011 4:45 am

We are in the process of finalising Dimensions /Facts to be used in Datawarehouse.
Already finalised separate dimensions (eg Customer,Supplier,Employee) to handle requirements of Sales,Purchace and Human resourses.
During designing Accounts Payable Fact table ,the "Business requirement" requires payments made to Suppliers,Customers & Employee separately identified.

Now the question is

Whether to have three foreign keys in addition to other foreign keys in the Accounts Payable Fact Table


Add Employees and Customers to be included in supplier master and attributes set for suppliers to be populated for customers/employees. Attributes relating only for sales related analysis and employee related analysis are not included in the new dimension.
In this case Accounts Payable Fact table will have only one Foreign Key pertaining to the entity receiving the payment.

Please advice as which is the best strategy and how


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