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Reporting Data warehouse

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Reporting Data warehouse Empty Reporting Data warehouse

Post  MrPeds Thu May 05, 2011 7:01 pm


Am not sure if I am posting in the correct forum for this one, or if there is a definitive answer or not, so apologies in advance.

We have a requirement to implement a new self-service Reporting system, some users have been referring to this as a new centralised ‘data warehouse’. The main goals of our new system are:

1) Allow users to consume pre-built reports that I have developed for them.
2) Allow more computer-savvy users to attempt to create their own reports.
3) Centralise some of our data for fellow Developers to perform ad hoc queries on behalf of end-users unable to self-service their questions to ensure that we are extracting data from a consistent place (we can obtain some stock transaction figures from 2 different Databases).

Our source databases (SQL 08) have undergone different levels of cleansing and loading from our external provider download files.

Is it still best practise to generate Dimensions and Fact tables with new Surrogate keys in a Warehouse database irrespective that we have generated our own primary keys from our other separate databases? Another method I presume would be to create Views that combine together tables or views from my different databases instead of physically loading data again?

Thanks in advance,



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